Michael Saylor Targets $7 Million Per Bitcoin | On this Date Bitcoin Will Reach the Top!!!

Hey what's, going on guys after tesla announced its bitcoin purchase? Everyone is wondering who is next in this video. I will answer the question then i will explain at what date bitcoin is likely to top at this bull market and finally, michael staler.

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As of the time of this, recording bitcoin is trading slightly over forty four thousand dollars a coin. The highest bitcoin was trading at more than forty eight thousand dollars it's very close to break fifty thousand dollars milestone.

Bitcoin price is fluctuating nicely upwards in this trend, and there is also great chance that this trend will likely to continue into the future. And here is why, first time around august microstrategy announced that they bought half a million dollars worth of bitcoin, then in october square announced they bought 50 million dollars in bitcoin.

Also around the same month, people start accumulating bitcoin for cryptocurrency services. Their btc accumulation is ongoing. They continuously buy more and more bitcoin and around december insurance, giant, mass mutual buys 100 million dollars worth of bitcoin and finally, in january 2021, the biggest single time purchase of them all so far, tesla buys 1.

5 billion worth of bitcoin. Remember they bought bitcoin back in january on average price of around 34 000 per coin, so they already made a decent gains so altogether they bought 43 000 bitcoin. However, tesla is not the biggest corporate bitcoin holder.

Microstrategy is microstrategy over time, accumulated more and more btc and issued 400 million dollars of convertible nodes. Microstrategy right now has more than 71 000 bitcoin. This is going to be 3.

2 billion dollars worth of btc, so who is next? There is also rumor that oracle might be next, you see, elon musk has a huge influence and he is a good friend with the larry ellison, who is cto of oracle and also a tesla board member right now, oracle has more than 43 billion dollars of cash.

On their balance sheet, they can definitely allocate 10 percent on bitcoin purchase. There is also rumored that apple, the largest company in the world, is already moving in the direction of adding more financial services regarding crypto.

In fact, it is part of the lobbying group that advocates on behalf of the big tech, fintech companies it already powered its apple pay platform, digital wallets and popular apple carts. One security analyst at rbc capital market believes that apple should follow.

Tesla and move into crypto by buying bitcoin and launching crypto exchange apple has 90 billion dollars of cash on their balance sheet. If they would spend 10 percent of the balance sheet into the bitcoin, that would be 9 billion purchase.

This is what would happen if bitcoin were to replace some portion of cash of s. P. 500 corporations, balance sheet 10 basis points or 0.1 percent would not really do anything. If bitcoin replaces 1 of s p 500 corporate balance sheet, then bitcoin would gain additional fifty thousand dollars per single coin.

So, as of the current price, bitcoin is trading at around forty four thousand dollars, so forty four thousand plus fifty thousand that would be 94 plus thousand dollars and how about 10 percent? If 10 of total cash of s p, 500 corporate balance sheet would move into bitcoin, then bitcoin would increase by additional four hundred thousand dollars, and that would put a single coin at the price of around four hundred forty four thousand dollars.

If that would happen, bitcoin's. Market cap would be slightly less than nine trillion dollars. That is slightly less than gold's. Market cap. It's 2021, so far, bitcoin ethereum crashing gold and stocks in 2021, year-to-date gold is actually down by three percent s.

P 500 is up by six percent. Dome jones is up by four percent bank stocks are up by seven percent and bitcoin is up by sixty percent. However, ethereum is up by whooping 141 percent here to date. This is nuts here is another very interesting chart that may give us some ideas where bitcoin makes up in this bull market run in 2012, bitcoin dropped from the bull market.

It found the bottom at low of two dollars per coin. Then it increased till 11. At the first bitcoin having that took place in late 2012., the distance between low and first bitcoin, having was 375 days, then bitcoin continued its bull market run.

It increased from 11 all the way till one thousand one hundred dollars from the first bitcoin. Having sealed it's up, it took 368 days just two percent less the number of days between the low and first bitcoin having after the top bitcoin, went into the bear market and found its bottom at two hundred dollars per coin.

Then bitcoin increased still 650 dollars per coin at the date of the second bitcoin having from low till second bitcoin. It took 539 days after the bitcoin having bitcoin continued its bull market and it reached the top all the way to twenty thousand dollars per coin.

Between the second having and the peak, it took 526 days also around two percent, less than the number of days below and the bitcoin. Having now let's, move on to the current bitcoin cycle. After that twenty thousand dollar stop bitcoin went into another.

Bear market and found the bottom of around three thousand two hundred dollars, then btc increased still eight thousand five hundred dollars at the date of the third bitcoin heming, and it took five hundred thirteen days, two percent last.

That would be around 503 days. So if the history plays out once again, then bitcoin should reach the top sometimes in late september 2021.. Here is another cool fact. We already know that between first bitcoin having and the top bitcoin increase by 100x and what about bitcoin performance between low and high between low and high bitcoin increased by 550x in the second cycle between second bitcoin having at the top bitcoin increased by only 33x.

However, between low and high bitcoin increased by whooping 100x in the third bitcoin cycle, the bottom was at 3 200. I remember that time very well because, as contributing investor, i was loading up on bitcoin.

I already made more than 14x from that purchase, as we can see that from cycle to cycle the rate of returns between low and highs decreases. First, we had 550x, then we had 100x and i think we can probably make another 70x in this cycle.

70X from the low to the top, that would be 220 000. I know i know we do not know the exact future, but as more and more corporations buying bitcoin the price will increase more and more now let's. Take a look at this.

Most recent michael sailor interview right after tesla purchased bitcoin, let's. Take a look. What michael sailor had to say: elon musk! If you want to do your shareholders, a 100 billion dollar favor convert the tesla balance sheet from dollars to bitcoin that tweet helped lead to tesla's.

Big disclosure yesterday michael sailor, who believes other ceos, will soon follow. Musk's. High-Profile lead joins us now, michael fantastic, to have you on the show. How should we view tesla's decision and what it means for others? Well, we're in an environment where the money supply is expanding.

At 15 a year or more - and we expect that to continue for the next four to eight years so for corporations that are cash. Rich cash is the dilute of asset on the balance sheet. It's, losing 15 percent of its purchasing power every year, so by converting a non-performing asset into the best performing asset which is bitcoin, they convert a dilutive asset into a creative asset and it's, really good for shareholder value.

So you're, basically saying you prefer to have um volatile appreciation versus stable depreciation if the value of the dollar is is falling. I think that's well put, but what about the risk profile of of bitcoin? I mean if you're talking about treasury departments, for these corporates and tesla, perhaps is a separate issue traditionally, what they'd, invest in is short-term instruments, uh hold it in cash because they want to preserve capital.

You know the world before march of 2020 was a different world where we had low monetary expansion and high interest rates, and the world for the next eight to ten years looks like a world where we're, going to have low interest rates.

High monetary inflation and it's, nearly certain that cash on the balance sheet is going to lose 75 to 80 percent of its shareholder value, and so switching it out to a digital asset. Uh, like bitcoin, which has been going up more than 200 percent a year on average for the past decade.

It might be short-term a little bit volatile and certainly it's new as a paradigm shift. But if you're, looking out for the long-term interest of your shareholders, you'd. I think they would prefer that you double their money.

Every six months then lose 75 of their money with the guarantee over the next eight years. I mean: do you think the federal reserve should be asking big questions of itself here, where it's, a better investment decision to invest in an asset that's, what 13 years old versus something that the government itself issues i mean.

I know this is part of the thesis why people are getting so excited about bitcoin and those that believe that fiat currencies are being debased, but the federal reserve surely has to take action here when this is the argument we're making.

Well, you know, i think the story here is that bitcoin is digital gold and it's, engineered to be like gold but superior to gold in all aspects, and it's. Also, the world's, first digital monetary network.

So imagine a block of a billion dollars of gold that moves at the speed of light that you can program a million times a second in order to provide a framework for the 21st century finance system. This is monetary technology and just like all big tech, it's, making financial systems more efficient.

I don't, think it's going to replace the dollar. I think that what's happening is bitcoin is replacing gold as a non-sovereign store of value running on a big tech network. How quickly do you think other corporates decide to invest in digital assets like bitcoin, and do you recommend diversifying it's not just about when there are other options it? You know it took us months to work through the issues and we uploaded our corporate playbook for bitcoin and open source it to the rest of the world, and now it just takes days.

Last week we had 7 000 different firms attend our bitcoin for corporation summit um, the uh. The materials have gone viral with a quarter million or more views in just a matter of days, and i, i think, uh, a thousand companies adopted bitcoin as digital gold.

After march of 2020, and there's, a stampede on in 2021, so it's, a story, you're, going to hear the difference after march. Is that those fiat currencies are weakening at a more rapid rate. In essence, the cost of capital tripled after march, and so conventional treasury approaches that worked for a decade have to be reconsidered and that's.

Why you see a thousand companies embracing bitcoin as digital gold? Tesla is an s p, 500 company? What proportion of s p 500 companies do, you think, switch to putting some of their cash on their balance sheet into digital assets and over what time horizon like? When do we get five percent 10 of those companies doing this? Because it is a shift and it requires board approval, yeah public companies take longer.

Sometimes they take three to six months depending upon their situation. I think that this is a trend that's, going to run for the next decade and and this year you're, going to see many public companies do this.

We saw tesla, we saw marathon, we saw square, we saw microstrategy. I think that you & # 39, ll, see double triple quadruple. That number come and then i think, every year that follows traditionally uh bitcoin's growing 200 to 300 percent a year.

I think if you crank in a 200 percent growth rate across the all the various dimensions of growth, you'll, see that continue for the next five years, and then it will taper down to 150 and 150 and then 30 and then 20.

. It's, a story for the decade. You know if i look at you specifically and you're, a software company, and i look at your share price and i look at the price of bitcoin and the two charts basically match.

And - and so i guess, a critic would look at this and say actually your fundamental business now has become a sideline in europe. You're, a digital stock. What would your response be? Michael? We have two strategies.

One strategy is to grow our software business and that that is a good business makes a lot of money and it is growing, and our second strategy is to acquire bitcoin and bitcoin is the emerging dominant digital monetary network? It's, going to be a hundred times bigger than google or facebook, and i do think micro sailor had the main influence on elon musk to convert some tesla's.

Balance sheet into bitcoin also mica sailor believes that bitcoin over time will be 100 times bigger than google and facebook. Current facebook market cap is at around 770 billion dollars 10 times. That would be more than 77 trillion dollars.

In that case, single bitcoin would be around 3.5 million bucks. Google current market cap is way. Bigger is at 1.4 trillion dollars, 1.4 trillion dollars times 100. That would be 140 trillion, in which case a single bitcoin would be around 7 million dollars.

This is insane. Let me know what do you guys think about those bitcoin price targets? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below smash that like button and subscribe for more videos,